Hunting and fishing licenses that don’t wear out.

Digitize Your Hunting and Fishing Licenses

GoOutdoorsKS is the official hunting and fishing license management App for the State of Kansas. Store all of your Kansas hunting and fishing licenses here for quick and convenient access.


• Store and manage all your Kansas hunting and fishing licenses in one convenient location.
• No need to store or carry a paper license with you in the field.
• Easily present your license to Law Enforcement for verification in the field.
• Reference rules and regulations right from your phone.

Important Information:

• The only acceptable form of electronic license is through the GoOutdoorsKS App; and hunters and anglers must be able to produce the electronic app or paper license when requested by a Game Warden during field compliance checks.

• For harvests that require carcass tags, please remember that the carcass tag must also be physically produced when requested, unless using the App’s e-tag feature. 

Never leave your hunting or fishing license behind

with the GoOutdoorsKS App